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Mr. Rishi has a career of over 2 years in guiding the preparation of medical and engineering entrance exam. He is an expert in student psychology. At Wave he is responsible for mentoring the students as well as the faculties. He believes that every child is special and each requires respective set of rules.

Er. Mayank Kr (Exp- 5 Years)Mr. Saurabh Kr (Exp- 8 Years)Er. Satyendra Kr (Exp- 8 Years)Rishi Kr (Exp- 3 Years)
Er. B. Chand (Exp- 5 Years)Mr. Abhay Kr (Exp- 5 Years)Er. Santosh Kr (Exp- 6 Years)Dr. Aftab Alam (Exp- 2 Years)
Mr. Dheeraj Kr (Exp- 3 Years)Mr. Amit Kr (Exp- 6 Years)Er. Ishaq Alam (Exp- 6 Years)Dr. Birendra Kr (Exp- 5 Years)
Md. Riyaj (Exp- 8 Years)Er. Arjun Kr (Exp- 3 Years)Er. Suman Kr (Exp- 5 Years)Dr. Raviprakash Kr (Exp- 3 Years)
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